Week 2: Classmate Stephanie Arciva

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you all to thee Stephanie Arciva!

Here’s a little bit about Stephanie Arciva:
She is a Chemistry major here at CSULB. A few things that Stephanie likes to do for fun is juice fruits and vegetables, watch chick flicks, work out and go to yoga. Her favorite color is grey and her hometown is Lake Forest in Orange County. Stephanie’s plan after her undergrad here at CSULB is to go to grad school for environmental chemistry. She is a VANS slip-ons enthusiast, owning 3 different pairs. She is the owner of a lovely dog named Guera, who she describes is her bestfriend that tags along with her wherever she goes. Guera is always affectionate and she loves her. Stephanie has three older siblings named George, Junior, and Alba. Steph also loves to drink tea and eat ice cream. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is pistachio.

Question: Is art important? In today’s world?

Stephanie’s response to this question is yes, art is important. She feels this way because art takes on many forms of importance. For example, there is an expanding use of art in social media. There are diverse forms of art in which society uses for different applications like in entertainment and communication. Although we do not quite classify social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as art, what those social networking sites hold within them is art. We both agreed that art is also a form of expression, so it is especially important for those who use art as an outlet or escape from their daily lives. Without art, people would not be who they are today. We also wouldn’t have such great advances in entertainment without art. We are both big movie fans, so without people investing in making their ideas into realities, we would be very bored individuals.

If you would like to know more about this awesome individual, click here to go to Stephanie’s page.


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