Week 3: Classmate Andy Bui

Question of the Week: What is your favorite form of art, and why?

Andy’s favorite form of art to look at is painting. He enjoys looking at them because they give off a complex feeling. Painting has many components to it, such as choosing colors, shading, lines, dimension, you can create different textures. Artists that can paint well have a lot of talent. You can be born a good painter, but it takes a lot of hard work to also be good at it. Andy said it’s cool to look at painting because he knows he can never achieve creating pieces of art like that.

Andy’s favorite form of art to perform is photography. This is his favorite because all you have to do is point and shoot. For someone who is not too creative, you can take a picture of anything and consider it art. If you create something and you don’t like it, you just have to delete it and try again. When you take a picture, it is important to look at composition. For colors, you can fix what you don’t like about the picture. We actually shared this common interest in a love for photography.

In regards to Andy himself, he seems to be a very nice and calm guy. I was given the opportunity to get to know him, and here are a few facts about this intelligent person:

Andy Bui’s cousin has a pet Corgi that he often visits and plays with. At home, he has a brother who is only one year older than him. During the day eh wears glasses, but at night he wears contacts! He is one of the many lovers of Disneyland and the color blue. On his free time he likes to hang out with his friends and study for his super hard science classes. Speaking of classes, Andy is a 3rd year here at CSULB, majoring in Biology, just like me! He is taking biology because he eventually wants to work in the healthcare field. At the moment, he is a health scholar at St. Joseph’s hospital and as for work, he tutors at a tutoring center in Westminster. He loves Vietnamese food, which makes sense because he is Vietnamese. Andy is a big car guy as well as technology altogether. If Andy could travel anywhere in the world, he would travel to Europe. Last but not least, the most important thing to know bout my new friend Andy is that his favorite ice cream flavor is cookies and cream.

Get to know Andy Bui by visiting his page! Andy Bui

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