Week 5: Artist Ralph Acosta

Artist: Ralph Acosta

Exhibition: An Exhibition in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirement for the Degree of Master of Fine arts
Media: Video, Photography, Typography
Gallery: Marilyn Werby Gallery
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A
About the Artist
Ralph Acosta is an extremely nice guy, with very minimally aesthetic ideas. Ralph got his Masters of Fine Arts degree here at Cal State University, Long Beach in the School of Art’s Graphic Design Program. He completed his undergraduate career somewhere in General Studio Art about twenty years ago. Ralph grew up in Los Angeles and was very familiar with the Los Angeles airport, LAX. His project is called RELAX: Reimagining Los Angeles International Airport (picture is available down below), where he got his inspiration from his childhood. As a child, he would go to LAX and watch airplanes take off. This was a recreational thing for him. Nowadays, we have more strict security, so people today are not able to enjoy that privilege.  Acosta wanted to do more with this project, but was told to make it more specific. His memories of the airport is what he chose.
Formal Analysis
The color scheme Ralph chose for this piece was blue and orange. Ralph also included a film that was put on replay that displayed an airport fact. It also included a demo of a phone application on a TV screen. Ralph created a new typography which he used to “reimagine” the LAX (Hence the title of his work). This gallery of Ralph’s work also included a phone application that displayed flight times, and plane trackers. The lines of the font had three different weights to it, like medium and bold. He made the designs and as for the wooden pieces, a friend of his who was a wood sculptor assisted him. It was a very minimal, crisp, and clean look inside of this gallery. Some example words Ralph used to display his typography were words seen in airports, such asL arrivals, departures, and toilets (some photographed down below. Ralph mentioned that the photography took a year of research.
Content Analysis
As stated above, Ralph’s inspiration came from his childhood. He wanted to include more aspects of his childhood, but his advisors told him to be more specific, so he chose to focus on his memories of LAX. Ralph did a lot of research for his piece. He looked at a lot of architecture of airports. The grid he had made as the guideline of the font he created was derived from looking at the intersections of the airplane runways. He thought the video would be an interesting addition to long waits at the TSA line of the airport. This included facts about airports. Ralph’s photography was very retro and old school looking due to the filter he had used in it. It gave a very flashback feeling to what airports were like back in the day.
Synthesis / My Experience

When I walked into this gallery, I instantly knew that this was the piece that I wanted to write my artist conversation about. I loved that he made the little baggage cart out of the letter B. It was like a little typography pun, which, I live for puns so I really appreciated that. The minimalism of this gallery was also what got me. I love simplistic designs that have a little twist to it. When I was listening to what inspired him to make all of these pieces and he said that being at airports was something he really enjoyed as a kid, I knew exactly what he meant. Although, when he was a kid, there was less security, whereas when I was growing up, there was heavy security. Ralph described the airport as something “recreational” and I completely agree. When I was younger, I would enjoy traveling to the Philippines or dropping someone off at the airport because that meant I could run around with my brother at the airport. Because the security is so tight nowadays, whenever a family member would leave for the Philippines, I would wave goodbye from the little ticket entrance until I couldn’t see them anymore. I also really liked the design of the phone application. It was everything I like in apps for the phone: simple, straight-forward, and aesthetically pleasing.Processed with VSCO with c9 presetProcessed with VSCO with c9 preset

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset

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