Week 5: Graffiti Writing

To start things off, Maritess was too long to write onto a small paper so I decided to write my nickname, Mess, which is the first letter of my name and the last three. (M)arit(ess). This nickname was created by one of my college best friends, Angelica “Lyca” Palad, who actually recommended me to take this class! I know that my featured picture only has one color and the letters aren’t in bubble letters, but I liked the simplicity of it better than what I had done with bubble letters. I tried to make it look like the Rugrats logo because that was one of my favorite TV shows growing up, but sadly it did not end up looking like it. Nonetheless, spray painting my name was a handful of fun. I was going to only buy one piece of poster paper for Brian and I, but thank god I bought a pack of 10 (from Target for 10 cents! What a steal) because Brian and I took a few tries before getting the hang of things.


This project was fun but extremely hard. It was hard because with spray paint, you have to think fast. Even with a sketched outline already drawn on, trying to follow it was hard. If you stayed in one spot for too long, you would just have a thicker line made.  I give graffiti artists props for what they do because they make something so hard look so easy. This week’s discussion post video highly intrigued me because graffiti artists did everything with ease. I did this project with Brian on the grass of the quad at school. Graffiti is definitely something I want to try to get better at. It takes true talent and skill to be good at something like graffiti art.

Check out Brian’s page and how his graffiti writing turned out by clicking here!

Processed with VSCO with c9 preset


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