Week 7: Artist Nathaniel Paderanga

Exhibition Information
Artist: Nathaniel Paderanga
Exhibition: Social
Media: Oil on Canvas
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino
Website: Not Available
Instagram: theartofnate_

About the Artist
Here’s a little bit about Nathaniel Paderanga:
He’s currently in his last semester here at CSULB, and will be getting his BFA in Drawing and Painting. He was born and raised in San Diego, but commutes from Temecula using his brand new Honda Civic, named Fin! On his free time he likes to play basketball. He doesn’t have a website for his art, but check out his Instagram account to see more of his work! A final cool fact about about Nate is that he’s Filipino!

Formal Analysis
All of Nate’s pieces were created using oil on canvas. Nate’s pieces didn’t have any defined lines/outlines. The paintings had very smooth lines and many colors were blended together. Because of this, I felt like there was much more depth and dimension to his pieces. The way he added shadows in each piece also added to the depth and dimension to his work. Although there were no defined lines, there were definitely a bunch of little details that added to the beauty in each piece. He also used a variety of colors ranging from light to dark, which created extreme contrast  to his work. These little details and contrast in colors really catch your eyes.

Content Analysis
There is a lot of backstory to this exhibition. Each piece had such an deep meaning. To create these paintings, he initially took pictures, then painted them. The pictures he took were all from this passed year. The way that all of the canvases were set up was to create a narrative from left to right. The first piece was portraying homelessness. This one in particular was depicted from 2nd Street. In today’s society, we are all partying and having fun, not realizing the problem of homelessness. The second piece in his exhibition depicts how society is taken over by technology. Even though two people can be in the same room as each other, they aren’t exactly there with each other  because they are so captivated by technology. Another piece had his Lolo, known as “grandpa” in english, fishing. He mentioned that at the pier, you see these old men fishing, but you never really know their story. In this case, because that old man is his grandpa, he knows exactly what the story of that old man who’s fishing is. One of the paintings in the middle had balloons in it and it was depicting mourning loss, yet having new beginnings. The last painting that was posted was of the house he was born and raised in. He said this one was his favorite because it was the piece that was the most finished. He said this house no longer looks like this now, but he wanted to paint the memory of how he views it. This entire project took him a year. Rather than completing one painting at a time, he would start three at a time so that if he got bored with one painting, he would work on another piece. A very important piece in this exhibition was of his mother. Sadly, Nate lost his mother this passed year. The painting of her was extremely beautiful.

Synthesis/My Experience
This is probably my favorite exhibition by far. Nate is Filipino and he is actually the first Filipino artist I have interviewed at the galleries. Personally to me, representation matters, so finding out that Nate was Filipino made me love the exhibition even more. It’s nice to meet a Filipino that’s out here creating art. I also appreciated how he incorporated real world problems with his personal life in his paintings.  I feel like Nate’s work altogether was very emotional. He didn’t just take any random idea and put it on a canvas, he took deep, personal experiences and emotions and used it to create art. I’m sure this project wasn’t easy for him to do, both physically and mentally, but each piece really turned out lovely. I also understand how he feels with losing someone. Last summer I lost a friend because of a drunk driver, and even though I spent a long time mourning his lost, I eventually realized that it also lead to new beginnings.

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