Week 8: Sketching in the Japanese Garden

I think I really needed to do this activity to ease my mind and relieve some stress. While I was doing my longer timed sketch (shown above), I found myself feeling more calm and relaxed. I feel like in college, students are just constantly under a lot of stress and sometimes forget to just take a step back a breathe. A lot of my midterms pile up and I find myself getting little to no sleep, forgetting that I should stop and just give myself a second to relax. Life is also so fast paced that we forget to enjoy the little things. I have only been to the Japanese Garden here at CSULB once or twice, but I forgot how breath-taking it was. There were so many things going on in the Japanese Garden that you had an endless amount of things to sketch. I did have difficulty trying to draw the koi fish and the ducks in the water, which is why you do not see them posted on this page. I drew all of my sketches with a very light hand and little control. I feel like if I sketched with a heavy hand and a lot of control, it would just look like a big mess trying to look structured. I liked the look of everything being drawn over 2 or 3 times. The shorter timed sketches definitely looked very unstructured because there wasn’t enough time to really add in the details.. They were more simple and plain compared to the longer timed sketches. I also learned that I cannot draw my hand, no matter how hard I try hahaha. It was extremely hard because I didn’t know how exactly I could add dimension to my hand. Although I had many sketches to picture and post, I have decided to post these two sketches. The top sketch was for the longer timed sketch, and the 4 sketches below were some of the shorter timed sketches. Overall, this has been one of my most favorite activities.

FullSizeRender 11.jpg

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