Week 9: Art Care Package

I am sending this art care package to my best friend since 6th grade, Richelle Ochoa.

We became best friends in middle school and since then, have had common interests in just about every aspect of life. In this Art Care Package (APC), I include an autographed card from one of our most favorite youtube beauty guru’s, Claire Marshall. We both love her and really look up to her, so I’m sure she would enjoy it. It is also from my favorite skin care brand, Kiehl’s. Next is a little business card to a boba shop that we went to a few years ago. This is a reminder to her to go to this spot and kick back and drink some tea. We both enjoy boba very much. In fact, whenever I would go back to the Bay Area, Richelle and I would go on little “boba updates” where we update each other on what’s going on in our lives over a cup of boba milk tea or Thai tea. We both love makeup and we both shop from a website called “Colourpop” (which sells good quality makeup for cheap) and when you order something from there, they always include a very sweet message. I want to give her this postcard from Colourpop to remind her that she’s amazing, and there’s “no butt’s about it”. The thank you postcard is just there so she knows that no matter how much time we spend away from each other, I am always thankful for her existence and for our one-of-a-kind friendship. In August, my brother got me a Kate Spade wallet, and the “IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES” postcard came with it. This is to remind Richelle that she can do anything she puts her mind to. Anything is possible. Lastly, the little doggy card was given to me for my birthday from my roommate down here in Long Beach, and Richelle loves dogs, so I wanted to pass it on to her to lighten her spirits. Whenever we would pass by a dog, our hearts would brighten, so hopefully this little cartoon of a dog brightens her days.

Sending someone an APC is similar to snapchatting it because you just look at it. The only difference would be having an actual physical copy of what was inside of the APC vs. not having a physical copy. Ephemera is definitely precious to me. I am the type of person to still have a hall pass that I received from the 7th grade. I even have ribbons and buttons from getting perfect attendance in elementary school. I believe there is a difference between art in a museum vs. art from this APC but I guess it is somewhat similar because the things inside of the APC are a collection of things made by others, which, an art museum is a collection of things made by others. I guess snapchatting an APC is less sentimental than receiving an APC, because with a snap, it will go away in less than 10 seconds. When an APC is sent to someone, it will be with them forever. I think an APC contains a “love” that is different from just snapchatting something because it shows effort. When you snapchat someone, it is one of the easiest things a person can do. To actually collect things, package it, and send it off takes more time and effort, and I believe that shows that you really care.

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