Week 10: Fiber Art Social Network

Sadly, I was not able to take a picture oh the fiber art social network made in FO4-267, but I’m sure it looks like the insides of a yarn ball. It was actually quite a struggle to even find FO4-267 in the first place. We were first in the Fine Arts building, then went to the FO2 and FO3 buildings, then eventually found  the FO4 building. It was fun pinning my picture to the wall and connecting it to others, although because I was one of the first few to go in, there weren’t many people I knew to connect to at that time.

This week’s activity was actually quite a challenge. At first I tried connecting friends from Union City and friends from Long Beach, but it was too hard. I thought it would be easier to make a network of all my family members, but that was actually even harder! I did stick to family members though. I connected immediate family members using blue ink, cousins using purple, aunties and uncles using green, grandparents using orange, and nephews/nieces using orange.

When I think of “social network” I think of social media networking, like twitter, instagram, and facebook, although social networking applies to more than just cyberspace. Social networks can apply to any of your real life relationships. I agree that we only have a handful of people that we are close to and know a lot about us, and a large number of people that we are acquainted with that know bits and pieces of us. I think having 1,000 friends or so on Facebook doesn’t mean you have 1,000 friends or so in real life. Sometimes the friends you have on Facebook aren’t really friends, but people you meet at events once or classmates that you have where you only discuss homework and not personal lives. When creating my social network of family members (basically a family tree) I realized that I didn’t even know a lot of my family members. There are a lot of family members whose real names I didn’t even know because everyone has a nickname. A lot of my family members don’t even know that my real name is actually Maritess because everyone at home calls me “Tessa”. It made me a little sad that I couldn’t name all of my cousins, but my whole family is so spread out that I wouldn’t even know where to start. My personal number would definitely below 20 people. Back home, I have quite a lot of people that I instill a lot of my trust in. I have many friends who know a lot about me. Here at Long Beach, I have only a few people that I am very close to. I have friends on social networking sites that I am truly friends with. These other friends are kind of just people I know whose lives I am interested in. I care for these people and their lives, but we are not close. These weaker ties have brought me new opportunities.

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