Week 10: Artist Yingying Fu

Exhibition Information
Artist: Yingying Fu
Exhibition: The Other Side Of The Pacific Ocean
Media: oil on canvas
Gallery:  Max L. Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist
Yingying Fu is a senior in her grad program here at California State University, Long Beach. She is from China and a very fun, interesting fact about Yingying Fu is that she just recently gave birth! She attended the Beijing Central Acadamy and is graduating this semester. She is currently trying to get her MFA to teach college and she is an independent employed artist. I wish I could say more about Yingying Fu, but sadly, she was not at the gallery at the time of her interview. A colleague of hers, Annie Compean, sat in her place to answer any questions that she had.

Formal Analysis
This form of art is one of my favorites. I love oil on canvas. The paintings all had very cool tones to them. The paintings are depicted at the beach, which means there must be plenty of sunlight. In these paints, light and shadow is played with. You can see how shadows fall on the sand and on people’s bodies. There are some color contrasts in each painting, emphasizing some aspects of the painting more than others. There are a few straight edge lines, but no definite outlines for anything, making everything come together very well.

Content Analysis
The people in these paintings also show a bunch of things that people usually do at the beach. Yingying Fu describes that the aim of her paintings are to transcribe her impressions of people and nature. In these paintings, she claims to “explore the dynamic possibilities of light and shade, dramatic color contrasts, and free brushstrokes to display Southern Californians”. Some of these paintings were initially photographed, then painted, some were not. She also explains that “The figures are independent and exist in their own universe. These paintings attempt to convey not only a sense of immediacy and vitality but also people’s emotions and their inner world”. Something else that she said in the description of her art that I really liked was that there was “An emphasis on the intensity of color, combined with energetic brushwork” that reflects her impression of the California sunshine.

Synthesis/My Experience
When I was walking by the art galleries, this gallery instantly caught my eye. It was one of my favorite forms of art, oil on canvas. Before even reading the description, I already knew that the pictures were depicting Californians. I loved the way the shadows of the sun played with the people and the landscape. I thought that the paintings looked very fun and full of life. The images that she painted were very familiar and reminded me of all of the times that I have gone to the beach. I loved the little patterns in each painting, like the stripes on the surfer and the little leaves on the fold out chairs. I also loved how she added dimension to people through shadows.

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