Week 11: Artist Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse
Exhibition: Janus Maxim
Media: Print, Film, Fiber
Gallery: Werby Gallery
Website: kylekruseart.com
Instagram: kyle.kruse
About the Artist
Kyle Cruse is currently an undergraduate student at California State University, Long Beach and is pursuing a degree in the Printmaking program in the school of BFA. He has been living in Long Beach for about six years now, but doesn’t plan on staying in the area. He is actually from northern California. He plans on moving to New York or the United Kingdom to continue his career. Kyle said that his interest in art developed during his childhood years. His passion for art began with him creating things out of objects he would find just lying around. His other influences for his interest in art were his parents. A few things that Kyle likes to do in his free time is spend time outdoors. Kruse’s exhibit Janus Maxim took ten months of work which included many months of research.
Formal Analysis
Kyle’s exhibit included many different parts, such as films, sculptures, and woodblock carvings. To add more sensory details to his gallery, he added dirt to the ground. The environment of the room was very dimly lit, imitating lighting that would be in a cave. I noticed a pattern of 3’s from this exhibit. There were 3 screens on one wall that were playing 3 different films, for about 11 minutes each. Then there were 3 woodblock carvings and 3 sculptures of what seemed to be masks. These masks were also worn within the films that were playing on one side of the gallery. The dim lighting really made your eyes focus on his artwork. The crafted masks were put on top of pedestals. There was a very mysterious ambiance coming from the room.
Content Analysis
According to Kyle, this exhibit was in regards to the reconfiguration of the myths regarding Prometheus, Janus, and Sisyphus. (Janus being the name of the exhibition). Kyle had mentioned that each individual will feel some type of way about it that is different from the next person. Everything in the exhibit was to portray somewhat of a creepy feeling. This was one of Kyle’s goals. He didn’t want his art to simply tell people what to feel. His goal was to discover how the audience would perceive his art, thus defining who we are. Kyle described a feeling of void. A void that was a mix of reality and memory, or even a mix of the two. There was more than just art that Kyle was going for with this exhibit. His inspiration was taken from his investigation of psychological theories. All in all, Kyle’s main goal of this exhibit was to apply an individual’s understandings of what they believe, making them feel some sort of emotion.
Synthesis/My Experience
Kyle’s goal was to give a creepy kind of mood, and that goal was definitely met when I entered the gallery. I was a little frightened when I first entered the gallery, but I was curious as to what all of it meant. The dirt on the ground really made me feel like I was in a cave. It felt as though I was roaming around the outdoors at night, in a place far away from civilization. It also made me feel like I went back a few centuries in time. I did not know how to feel exactly about the gallery altogether. All the galleries I have done so far are very lighthearted, so I thought to try something different and go for a more dark exhibition. The artwork seemed very detailed and intricate.

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