Week 11: Classmate Yonathan Sahle

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Yonathan Sahle! He’s a super chill dude and here are a few fun facts about him:

Yonathan’s major is Mechanical Engineering and is currently in his 5th year. He is also graduating this year, which is really exciting! He said that it feels good to be graduating soon. His plans after graduating is to get a job, make money and get life going. He’s from Anaheim and likes to play basketball. It makes sense that Yonathan likes basketball because he is 6’1, which is an entire foot taller than me. We both have a love for ice cream and his favorite flavor is Cold Stone’s original Founder’s Favorite. On his free time he likes to hang out with his friends and just think about the future. He described himself as a heavy thinker, which I highly relate to. Something he said that really got my attention was that he lives for the future. I completely relate because I always think of what the future entails. Some of his favorite food is the exact same as mine: Mexican food with horchata. He also likes kbbq and In-N-Out.

Find out more about Yonathan by clicking here

The question of the week this week had to do with fan art. Yonathan said that fan art should be up to the artist, and that the artist creates their own limits with their art and shouldn’t be limited by whoever they are fanning over. If the art offends the celebrity, then that is on them, but the artist should be able to create whatever work of art that they want. To an extent, there should be limits, but it is open ended.


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