Week 12: Classmate Adrian Munoz

This week I had the pleasure of meeting Adrian Munoz! We actually have a lot in common, like the fact that we’re both 3rd year Biology majors! Only difference is, is that Adrian is a Biology Major with an option in Molecular Cell Biology and Physiology. Adrian seemed like a basic guy, having chocolate ice cream as his favorite ice cream flavor, but this guy is wild!!! He likes gummy bears in his chocolate ice cream. Adrian is from Downey and has no pets at home. Some good news for Adrian is that he’s in his last week of pledging Delta Chi and will soon be initiated! Congrats to this guy. His favorite food is spaghetti and he loves to run. His love for running shows because he was in track and field in high school. His fitness life doesn’t end there though, because Adrian also loves to skate, dance, and workout. Adrian’s career goal is to go to med school and become a cardiovascular surgeon, which seems like a super intense career. Surprisingly, we actually have a class together which I just recently found out! Biostats 260, a quite rigorous course.

In regards to the question of the week, Adrian said he would choose the red pill because he is a curious person. Knowing that there’s something more than the world we live in just automatically makes him go towards the red pill. Plus, he also likes to be all-knowing, and being part of the big secret, being different from the rest of the population, really excites Adrian.

So there you have it folks, Adrian Munoz! Feel free to check out his page by clicking here.




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