Week 14: Classmate Nick Lemmerman

Today I would like to introduce the viewers of this page to Nick Lemmerman! He’s a very cool guy with some very interesting facts. He is currently a sophomore here at CSULB. He’s also a film major with hopes to write or direct movies one day! He currently has some vague ideas for projects but doesn’t quite know how he’d pull them off just yet. Nick has a blind dog named Myra who’s 11, with diabetes. She’s currently on her big comfy bed dropped in two warm blankeys because she’s spoiled. Myra gets a lot of love from her family! Nick has an older brother named Erik who also goes to CSULB! He’s a comic book/superhero and movie fan and also loves anything that’s kinda nerdy and/or cute. We share that in common because I love those things as well. Nick is a talented fella who plays the guitar and the ukulele and enjoys singing while he plays. Him and his girlfriend are going to cover a Star Wars version of Baby It’s Cold Outside for the holidays (she’s a big nerd and loves Star Wars). I can’t wait to see it! A funny little fact about Nick is that he was apparently really chubby from 4th grade to 9th grade.

Nick’s answer to this week’s question of the week is that there will be many technological advances in the future. He imagined a desk with one leg shorter than the others, while also being a touchscreen computer. He thinks we’ll definitely have new technology integrated into our schools since eventually the tech will be necessary to live every day. Him and I agreed that it’ll probably be a lot harder than it is now due to completion, unless someone does something about that.

Check out his page and see his work by clicking here!


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