Week 15: Finger Painting!

I always grew up thinking that simplicity is key, which is why my finger panting activity is so simple! I thought it would be cute to make little flowers by pressing the tips of my fingers into the paper. This weekend has been a tough one. I stayed at the library until 6 am the other night and I’m just so tired of studying. I have basically been living in the library. It was quite therapeutic to finger paint. It made me feel like a kid again. With the semester coming to a close, the pressure has increased. I’m really looking forward to winter break. I think I’m going to actually try painting over break! I might post some on this blog. I appreciated how the thickness of paint changed depending on how I pressed on the paper. Finger painting actually was a bit of a challenge though since for one thing, I have no idea how to paint with brushes, so I would for sure not know how to paint with only my fingers! This was a nice activity to end Art 110 with. It has been a long, nice semester and I’m happy I took this class and met new people, examined art, and tried new things. I loved everything about this class.


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